Vagabond Press, 2016

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As the universe merges into the self, Lưu Diệu Vân explores the self in the fragile context of the greater unknown. The urge to desire, to question, to comprehend, to throw off the imbalance of real and perceived observations, of public and private conversations, of exquisite beauty and potent logic, saturates this collection. M of December features all new poems, tracing the poet’s transition from an emotive youth to a formidable woman fighting for the freedom to make choices in her own universe.

“above all
the paranoia needs to be borderline at the terminal stage
speculating skills harnessed to the extreme
the man’s in moribund solitude
adrift in this establishment of woo-words
the girl has colored skin and dark hair but pale virtues
masturbating with perfunctory mind-mining…”

from ‘becoming a professional soliloquist’


“Rich in theme, with a brave and lively selection of imagery, Vân excels at incisive observation – at times tragic, and more often than not, very funny.” —Jennifer Mackenzie, Cordite Poetry Review


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