Reflection of Ourselves

Reflection of Ourselves, a textile collaborative art project spearheaded by artist Tracey Lawko that celebrates Canada’s rich cultural heritage with the participation of over 100 artists.

I participated in this project with my hand-embroidered yellow silk left. Now available for viewing at the Orillia Museum of Art & History. 

Artist Statement

As a published author, I believe in diversity of creative expressions, and pursue artistic endeavours in many forms: painting, textile art, flower arrangement, performing arts… This silk embroidered leaf depicts the terraced rice fields, and the back side displays actual rice grains harvested from Vietnam. The terraced rice fields utilize the rugged terrain and are magnificent sights to behold against the mountainous backdrop and foggy air as if the stairs are leading up to heaven. The yellow background and the three red stripes are a symbol of the free and democratic Vietnamese Overseas Community who had fled an oppressive regime in search of human rights.

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