Poems of Lưu Diệu Vân, Lưu Mêlan, Nhã Thuyên


Vagabond Press, 2013


Order online: http://vagabondpress.net/collections/poetry/products/poems-of-luu-dieuvan-luu-melan-nha-thuyen

The three poets featured in this volume were born in the postwar period, their writings emerged when the set political agenda had already been gone, the old tracks of writing with an eye for the publication authority had been removed. These however are less important than the fact that their writings demand new ways of reading. The heightened language, the hidden pathos and the discernible passions may be the meeting ground for the intersecting flights, yet each poem sets its own pace, tilts its rudder in different way and brings the readers to different points of unexpectedness. The diversity of their concerns and subject matters apparently reflect the social and environmental challenges they are facing. Their responses are above all in the language itself. ~ Nguyen Tien Hoang, editor and poet

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