Why i don’t celebrate International Women’s Day


  1. Because I believe we need to advocate for social awareness 365 days a year, not just on one day.
  2. Because I think its wide adoption by many socialist regimes still serves as a constant reminder of those failed systems and their horrific impacts upon the world – a fact which I neither wish to celebrate nor highlight, much the same way I don’t want to talk about Donald Trump because it will just make him more popular.
  3. Because zealous participation on Women’s Day screams we are desperate and are still struggling which doesn’t ring true as much anymore nowadays (you don’t see guys lobbying for an International Men’s Day, do you, and that’s because they don’t need one).
  4. Because I believe in order to demand equality, we need to stop feeling and acting like we are privileged (having a global day devoted to us, complete with flowers and gifts and special gestures from men sounds like we’ve got such a huge princess attitude, which frankly doesn’t help our cause at all).
  5. Because this day originally was about women vs. a men-dominated society (and I know you will hate me for this, coming from a true feminist like myself), but I no longer see men as our main “enemy” but ourselves. Women have been shown to be more judgmental of each other than men. We can perhaps start working on that instead of sit around and wait for the bouquet delivery?

After everything that has been said, I am still on the women’s side, wholeheartedly and sincerely! Happy Human Day!

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